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Absolute Residential Area in Swedish and even in Europe

If you go to Swedish, then you will find the most beautiful and exclusive residential area of Klevens Udde residential project in Swedish, even in Europe. The architect that handled this super project is Wingardh Arkitektontor. The project is still in progress, but soon you will see the most exclusive residential with triangular home design that will be the mascot of the residential. You can see 3D layout of Klevens residential area by seeing the first picture.

Klevens Udde will give you the best view of the ocean, rocky land, and fresh sea air around the living space. Klevens Udde is also offers premium exclusive residential area that becomes one of the best residential in the world. Now, you should see the example home unit of Klevens Udde that you can see through the picture. The main idea of triangular home design was coming from Scandinavian architectural idea. These projects show you how Scandinavian style gave big influenced to Klevens Udde project.

Look at the house from the picture and you will see modern home design that looks perfect in wooden and glass materials combination. This two-story home living offers a new living experience for the owner. You will love to see long outdoor balcony that located at the second layer of the house. The whole room will look so bright in the day due to floor-to-ceiling glass application for the windows and the doors.

The home designer is also giving the best setting of open floor plan for the ground floor and the first floor. You will find spacious living space at the ground floor that consists of the dining area, kitchen room, and family room. Scroll down the page and you will see the floor plan design and site plan design of Klevens Udde project. Klevens Udde is totally brought an exclusive residential area project to Swedish.


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