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Charming Minimalist Home Having Airy Interior

This minimalist home located in Munich Germany has extraordinary design. It has the natural look in its exterior and contemporary look in its interior. Designed by Titus Bernhard Architekten, this modern small home looks stylish by combining earth color and the modern style. The house exterior design employs wooden elements. Wooden beams are applied as the exterior wall. Glass elements are also used as the home structure. This glass gives the airy look and bright impression in this house interior. The house shape is in clean lines and sleek look.


Bright color is applied in this minimalist home interior. The living room is in white color theme. Large glass windows add the brightness of this interior space. Grey modern sofa is placed in front of large modern bookshelves in white color. White cabinet in varied wooden colors drawers are placed right under the LED television and the classic painting in golden frames. Modern sconce is hung above this stylish minimalist interior.


The dining area faces the large glass windows displaying the outside views. It is furnished with wooden dining furniture in simple design. Sleek dining table looks great with a pair of dining chairs inspired from traditional style. Modern fireplace is placed besides the logs placed on the wall. Rustic tile flooring gives the texture to this bright colored interior. This rustic flooring is also applied in the entryway. Gives the bold natural color in this entryway space. The hanging lighting in colorful styles make the space looks livelier.


The bedroom is designed in minimalist way but still looks stylish. Modern bedding is placed in the center of the bedroom space. Wooden flooring makes this bedroom looks warm. The bathroom applies white as the interior color theme. Bright minimalist home can be the trend of the modern architecture since it gives the practical and stylish look.


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