Charming Monochromatic Interior Applying Natural Accent

Cocoon Suites can be one of the inspiring monochromatic interior designs. This minimalist interior concept applying natural accent is designed by KLab Architects. In the modern architectural world, applying monochromatic color is common. It is especially used in the minimalist concept in order to make the room looks more spacious. This modern bedroom applies white as the only color theme. The accent used in this bedroom interior is the wooden accent. The wooden color gives natural color among this bright monochromatic color.

White is the best choice as the monochromatic interior color. It is because the accent is bright and makes the room looks larger. This white minimalist interior is furnished with practical furniture. The white mattress is placed on white bedding. This fits well with white flooring and white interior wall and ceiling. The sleek door in simple white frames is installed besides this bedding. Recessed lightings are installed on the white ceiling gives elegant look to this bedroom interior.

The workspace is placed by the bedding. White sleek table is placed together with modern chair behind it. The chair color is black. It gives the bold color accent among this white colored interior. LED television is attached on the white wall. Wooden accent is installed on the white ceiling. This gives the natural color and refreshing look in this white minimalist interior. Wooden accent is also placed on the wall providing the natural wall accent between these white walls.

Curved wall decals are also can be seen on the white interior wall giving decorative look. Comfortable seating in neutral soft color is also available in the corner of the room by the television. Fresh flower placed on the bed side table adds the natural decoration in this interior. Monochromatic interior accent can be in natural theme giving refreshing look and style.


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