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Contemporary Open-air Home Design in Lavish Touch

If you want to see modern open-air home design, then you have to see a beautiful home project of Openhouse designed by XTEN Architecture. If you see Openhouse from the picture gallery, then you will realize how beautiful the house is in modern style. It has two-level garden design that makes the house looks closer to the natural side around the house. It is such a nice home living ever that has perfect combination between modern and natural.

This beautiful two-storey house looks perfect from the outside. You also can find basement room addition in this modern house. Every spot in this house shows you perfect style of modern open-air home idea in refreshment home building appearance. You will see two-level modern porch with glass panels covering the porch area. The house looks stunning and elegant in white color domination blended with stone veneer accent on the pillars.

Glass material dominated the house from the basement, ground floor, and the top floor of the house. You will see wide floor-to-ceiling glass windows that make the homeowner have wide vision to the outside. Go to the second floor and you will see lavish living space with built-in fireplace design inside the stone pillar. It has exclusive modern bathroom with black concrete bathtub that can make the homeowner feels enjoy. You also can find the shower area right beside the bathtub without the covers.

Step inside to the living space and you will see modern floating stairs in elegant black color that leads you to the second floor. You will find lavish pool design at the rear side of the house. If you want to find out the floor plan design of Open house, then you can see the last four pictures. No word can describe how beautiful the house is until you see the picture gallery completely. Everything looks beautiful in modern open-air home project by XTEN Architecture.


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