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Modern Home Design that Steal Your Attention

Summer House project in New York City shows you a contemporary home design in impressive appearance. The Summer House designed by SS.MM Design and located in Long Island, New York. You can see the front side of the house from the first picture. The picture shows you an elegant exterior design in two-tone wall paints. You will love to see white wall paint combines with beige color and red trim that makes the house looks interesting and eye-catchy.

The exterior design truly shows you contemporary home style in stunning appearance. It has contemporary outdoor stairs that leads you to the entrance door of the house. You also can find the auto garage at the basement area of the house with solid wooden garage doors.

It has modern double door that made from glass material and white frame as the entrance door of the house. You will see the balcony at the second floor of the house by seeing the house from side layout.

Go to the rear side of the house and you will see beautiful rear view with balcony at the second floor. After you see the whole exterior side of the house, then you can step inside and see the interior side of the house. It has comfort living room with long modern sofa in white color and tufted surface.

You also can see two modern armchairs in grey color. The living room looks elegant with floor-to-ceiling white drapes. Look at to the ceiling and you will see unique carved ceiling with unique lamp design.

You can find stylish hanging fireplace that made from metal material. Go straight and you will see square bar design in amazing appearance and four wooden veneer pillars. Right after the square bar, you will find the dining area with wooden dining table and glass surface. This house is made in the best contemporary home concept and comfort atmosphere.


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