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Opulence Modern Penthouse Design that Pamper Your Senses

Welcome to Mohani Duplex project designed by ZZ Architects that has the main idea of luxury modern penthouse design. Every spot in this penthouse shows you the luxurious touch that can pamper your senses. You will amaze to see the first picture that shows you opulent living room. It has spacious living room ever with tremendous appearance. Looks at how you can find long curved leather sofa in soft brown color along the living room.

Look at the ceiling design at the living room, you will love to see curved skylight ceiling in lavish touch. It has marble flooring material around the house that makes the house looks stunning. You should explore more rooms in this luxury modern penthouse project by ZZ Architects. Look at to the next picture and you can see unique table design with brass rose ornament on top. It looks good to see triangle high table that made from glass material combines with marble material.

Mohani Duplex shows you lavish family room that looks comfort with warm lighting. It looks good to see two modern barrel chairs in white color and curvy backseat design. Look at to the ceiling and you will see glossy wooden ceiling at the family room. Now, you should see the kitchen design of the penthouse. You will love to see modern minimalist kitchen design in grey color domination. It has sleek kitchen cabinet with glossy cabinet door. It has white countertops that make the kitchen room looks stylish and clean.

The dining room looks impressive in ultra-modern dining design. It has glazed cube dresser that can steal your attention. You also can see sleek modern table and modern chairs in white color around the table. You should see the picture until the last one to see how beautiful the penthouse is. It is such a great luxury modern penthouse idea that can pamper your fully senses.


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