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Small Dining Tables and Chairs with Compact Design and Smart Design for Small Dining Room

In terms of dealing with limited space, sometimes you have to be creative in making use of the space available. It can be a problem if the family is growing while your house is not. The problem of limited space will further amplify if you are living in for example an apartment, with small cramp room and the need to put all of your furniture there.

Consider this; can you be savvy with everything? However the things will be easier especially regarding the dining room arrangement with this small dining tables and chairs design.

The table is Fusion dining table set by IKEA. The table is a great choice of small dining tables and chairs set with its compact features and savvy design. The table is made out of ash and veneer with a glossy lacquered finish that adds more brilliance and vibrancy to the design.

The table is square shaped with rounded edges and metal legs. The design of the table reflects a great sense of simplicity and clutter free work and it will fit small dining rooms just nicely.

The chairs were also designed with compactness and simplicity in mind, and built from similar ash and veneer construction and polished metal for the legs. The chair seat is pie shaped that will allow it to be slid under the table between the table’s legs for a quick and neat storing an also a space saving layout.

To complete this great piece of small dining tables and chairs choice, the seat is also lightly cushioned with thin urethane layers with foam insert.

This small dining tables and chairs set design will be a helpful addition to any small living room. The table itself is only four feet wide and pretty small for industry standard, but will still be able to be sufficient to house a dinner for four. The design of the chairs allows them to be as space saving as possible by reducing unnecessary detailing and the size itself.


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