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Small Dining Tables for Space Saving

Small living space has been a problem for nowadays property. The limited space will eventually hinder you from doing too many things or putting too much stuff on your house. The limitation will demand you to be selective and smart in terms of choosing the furniture for your house.

In the case of limited dining space, using a minimalistic and modular dining table can be an answer for the problem. Take a look at this for an example of small dining tables set with its minimal design and compactness for space saving ideas.

The small dining tables design of this Stokesay line of Arigi Bianchi Co. is a great addition for any small dining room. The table is a modular table with circular shape and it provides a great compactness. The table is made out of solid oak wood and veneers for a sturdy and durable structure. The surface was finished using shiny oil polish to enhance the look.

The table is also consists of four space saving chairs covered in glossed leather finish. It is also vegan friendly because the leather cover is made of polyurethane leather. The chairs are designed so that it can be tucked in nicely to the hollows between the table’s legs when not in use.

The dimension of the set is also compact enough; the diameter is only about 110cms but will still be able to fit four people. This table is a great small dining tables example for any small dining room.

The limited space of our house should not be a hindrance in completing the needed furniture and appliance that your family needs. The limited space should be a good chance to be smart and make use of what’s available and still be able of making full use of it. This small dining tables design idea for the example is a great proof that you can still provide meet sufficient needs even if it meets with the limitations.


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