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Stunning Contemporary Penthouse Design in Spectacular Appearance

Look at to the picture gallery and you will see the picture of stunning modern penthouse design in the middle of waterfront neighborhood Vancouver, Canada. The penthouse designed by Feenstra Architecture and has 5,234 square foot home building area. One of the best exciting spot in the penthouse is the balcony area. You will find modern private balcony on top of the penthouse floor with tremendous view to the waterfront.

The next picture shows you the open floor plan of the living space inside the penthouse. This penthouse is not only shows you a stunning modern penthouse idea, but also comfort and lavish touch throughout the room. It has spacious living room in style that makes the homeowner feels comfort at home. It is amazing to see modern curly stairs with stainless steel railings and glass covers. You also can see built-in gas fireplace with black tile mantle at the living area. It has curved modern sofa design in grey color that makes the room looks stylish and modern.

Go further and you will find lavish family room with a set of L-shape grey sofa and wide screen television standing at the family room. The room has wide vision to the city view through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Go to the kitchen room and you will see ultra-modern kitchen design in grey color domination. It has stylish upper cabinet with illuminated blue lighting that makes the kitchen looks like an exclusive lounge.

It has stylish dining area with long marble table and modern chairs. There are three globe pendants hanging on the ceiling. You also can find modern bar design with glazed countertops and stylish black bar stools. It has ultra-modern bedroom design and unique bathroom with red mosaic tile walls. You should see the complete picture until the last photograph. These all are show you stunning modern penthouse concept with lavish and stylish touches.


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