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Waterfront Residence in Lavish Interior

This waterfront residence can be the inspiring ideas for those who are looking for the waterfront home design emphasizing on the modern luxury. Created by Steven Harris Architects, this waterfront home named Casa Finisterra has wonderful design with beautiful beach views. The exterior is designed to be connected with the nature surrounding. The small tropical garden is structured by natural elements. Wooden deck is used as the exterior flooring. This house is designed in airy look and bright space by installing large glass windows and wall.

The swimming pool is also designed by employing natural elements. Natural stones are used as the pool divider wall. The pool’s views directly face the beach. Stylish outdoor furniture is applied in the pool area. Natural stone wall is also applied as the exterior wall of the home. The balcony in the second floor is furnished with comfortable modern furniture in neutral color theme. Glass balustrade is used in this second floor balcony. This contemporary waterfront residence mixes the modernistic style with the natural elements.

Luxury is the main theme in this home interior. The living room is furnished with lavish furniture. Grey chairs are placed as the main seating. A comfortable lounge in neutral color is placed in the corner of the room facing the views. Glass wall is applied in the entire of this interior. Artistic table with curved surface has modern table lamp on it. Woolen rug is placed under this modern furniture giving the warm accent. Warm look is added by the ultramodern fireplace in this room.

In the other room corner, there is a very relaxing lounge in classy style. It is made from black leather. Facing the glass wall displaying the fresh blue ocean, this place can be the perfect place to do rejuvenating activity. Luxurious waterfront residence can be the most comforting living space offering amazing stay experience.


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